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We were born in the year 1989 in San Pedro de Ribas in province of Barcelona with the idea of carry to your houses the better technology and quality of our products, for this we have the exclusive of Casit for all Spain, for our motors, barriers, access controls... And Electronic for electronic equipment,I+D, photoelectric, tables maneuvers, receivers, transmitters...

Already we know that today the continuius learning, both from the standpoint of recycling as the acquisition of new knowledge is a genuine reality in the fast-moving world of industry, so that those who do not follow continuously informed about the normal evolution of the art, is called to be outdated in the field of their profession. This we won't that ocure to our buyers for that we' ve a equip working always with the best technology. We don't want that this happens to our costumers, so we have a team always working with high-tech.


Lluis Companys Nº118, Localizquierda| 08810 -Saint Peter of Ribas| Barcelona, España- Europa  Tlf:0034931188277  Gsm:0034639335284, Online store, www.calubert.com

Ixole Activa SL