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Reactive group of capacitors to save electricity company, mono phasic and triphasic
  GP6,6KW 1 499,33€
  GP6,6KW10 328,51€
  GP6,6KW50 297,22€
  GP6,6KW100 249,67€
Capacitors Group readtiva saving 30kw, with this group of capacitors eliminate the current produced by blooming readtiva as engines, electronics ETC, AND WE FALL Luzo BILL OF COMPANY.
 GP30KW 841,73€ 
 GP30KW10 553,77€ 
 GP30KW50 501,03€
 GP30KW100 420,87€
The model home phase plug is recommended for electricity savings in domestic installations and offices with powers up to 20 kilowatts contra.
It is suitable for all types of homes, shops, houses, etc. and you can get up to 15% savings, depending on the type of wiring and equipment or appliances that are used. Installation is simple. Must only be plugged into an electrical box near the house, office or shop.
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The industrial model is recommended for three-phase electricity savings in industrial facilities, hotels, restaurants, entertainment and office with powers up to 50 kilowatts contra. It is suitable for all types of industry, hotel and catering businesses, etc.. and you can get up to 30% savings, depending on the type of wiring and equipment used. It needs to be installed by a professional electrician, as it has to manipulate the panel.
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Steam generator of this generator is filled with distilled water which has two holes (orifices are both input and output distilled water vapor or mist) which are connected to the expansion cylinder having a maximum water level will always be minimum and to respect for its perfect operation of steam, above the maximum level a camera in the chamber were stored mist or vapor being cooled by the water to be absorbed by the filter. The bottle expansion takes a safety cap, has an outlet at the top that it will steam entering through the inlet (the filter having an input and an output will be respected) to a particulate filter and water retention (if any) out of vapor filter outlet and inlet entering the vehicle.
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